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Scholarship & Endowment Program


St. Edward on-the-Lake Catholic Church has established a scholarship program to help recruit new students, assist the current student population and aid the funding of St. Edward School.  The endowment is a unique program of financing that will help St. Edward School provide a Catholic education for every student/family that desires to be a part of our community. A fundraising goal has been established to provide specific scholarships based on the actual cost to educate each student annually.  Funds that are not used for scholarships will automatically go to the St. Edward School Endowment.  We expect to grow the endowment to ensure Catholic education at St. Edward for many years to come.  Families that are interested in significant financial assistance need only to pick up an application in the office.

For specific information regarding tuition rates, opportunities to off-set your tuition expense (SCRIP), school wide fundraising avenues, and/or to give a gift...just follow the links to the additional pages beneath  'Matters of Money."

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