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Prospective Families


We are so excited that you are considering St. Edward on-the-Lake Catholic Elementary School. We pray that you will come to know what God's will is for your child's educational experience. In the meantime, we are here for you as you make the decision that is best for your child and family, and seek to know God's will.   

After completing and sending in the form below, we will offer you the chance to apply for our many scholarship awards. We offer very generous tuition assistance to families that qualify. We have St. Edward Parish Scholarships, Kremer Awards, and Archdiocesan Scholarship awards. Private/Catholic Education is every family's right, and with assistance from these awards and other great programs we offer like SCRIP, Catholic Education truly can be affordable.

We look forward to working with you. While we do hope you become a member of the St. Edward family, most importantly, we pray that you are at peace with whatever educational option you choose as being the best option for your individual child.  

Please call us for a visit and tour today! (810) 385-4461.  


Marie Powell, executive director of the Secretariat of Catholic Education of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, noted: We realize that in most parts of the country a Catholic education is not without some cost. But I can't think of a better investment in the future than to invest in the education of a child.

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